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A word about ASCFoundation

ASC Foundation is a non Government organization working tirelessly among the marginalized people providing support, financial,& otherwise, to the people especially children affected by has been and continues to be the beacon of hope for thousands of underprivileged cancer patients.

Objectives are :

  • To bring a shift from response-based medical exigencies to integrated, preventive health care.

  • To develop awareness as a tool in order to stay healthy & disease-free 

  • To develop resources to help cancer-affected patients get access to quality medicines.

  • To guide the patient to overcome social stigmas & Misconceptions ;

  • To counsel, support & advocate special program to help people to improve their general quality & health

Cancer is the third most common cause of death worldwide (WHO data )& the incidence is increasing rapidly. It is estimated that more than 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year.

Our Mission

To accomplish our mission, it is important to have a vision . But to realize the vision we need to have a way. We exercise two tools.
Awareness and campaign 

Gold Ribbon
Image by Angiola Harry

Our Objectives


1. To promote cancer-related health programs

2. To Aware people about preventive health  care habits

3. To inform masses about the importance of early detection methods for         various cancer types



  1. To lunch a crusade against the misuse of the health care system;

  2. To initiate a drive against the ill effects of medical commercialization;

  3. To Organize, rely on & raise funds for impoverished, destitute & helpless.

We Need Your Support Today!

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